About Oriana

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How it all began: A fost odata…

Once upon a time (that’s what it means in Romanian). I spent my childhood in Romania during the 1980s, under the shadow of the communist regime. I was a curious, lively, and energetic girl, utterly captivated by books, ballet, and outdoor play.

At the age of 13, my life took a turn as my parents and I moved to the Netherlands. There, I embarked on the journey of learning a new language, integrating into a different culture, and navigating through challenging times. I completed my school education and pursued my studies in Amsterdam.

I started my career as communications advisor and I worked for more than a decade for governamental organisations and NGO’s. Alongside my partner, I embarked twice on adventures abroad as a traveling spouce, where I had to adapt my life and career to the new circumstances.

When I turned 27, two significant events unfolded. First, I embarked on intensive therapy, addressing trauma, the effects of growing up in an unsafe environment and migrating. It was a healing, deeply personal journey with a profound impact. Secondly, I became a mother, which changed my life in amazing ways.

By 35, I endured the heartbreak of losing a non-viable son after multiple IVF attempts. I felt utterly lost. This led me to introspection and a career coaching program, marking the beginning of a new path of self-discovery and career change.

I found a way to channel my pain and discovered my life’s purpose.  I accessed my inner source, reconnected with my roots and life journey, and embarked on a career change and become a coach. Along this path, I encountered incredible individuals and remarkable opportunities, rekindling the radiance of my life, including the healing of its darker parts.


My Mission


I know what it feels like when your life crumbles like a house of cards. I also know how it feels to be lost or stuck. Fortunately, I also know that there is strength and inspiration and that life can sparkle again!

My story is just like yours, multifaceted, layered and unique. 

My mission is to guide you to uncover, embrace, and leverage your own narrative. Back to your roots, reconnect with your authentic self buried deep within, so that you can experience the magic of life again!

My coaching approach

I empower others to live authentically and wholly, anchored in a profound connection with their true selves. I encourage authentic leadership from within.

I firmly believe that life events, whether private or career-wise, serve as signals to pause and reevaluate one’s path. They prompt a reconnection with your core, and an embrace of yourself in all facets.

All the answers you seek reside within yourself and your own story. When you’re ready, I am here to assist you in uncovering these treasures. Through this journey, you can reclaim authorship over your life.

I ensure that you feel heard and seen. I like to create a safe and open space where all emotions and experiences are welcome to be shared. I have a gift that naturally allows me to delve into what you’ve been (sub)consciously carrying with you for a long time. I am here to guide you on the path from acceptance to transformation.


Fun Facts

→ I reguraly act as a speaker and storyteller.
→ I speak very much with my hands too :).
→ I organise retreats in Romania and The Netherlands.
→ Tea lover all the way.
→ Dancing all alone in de living room is pure therapy, I believe.
→ My free time can be made out of books, nature, writing, concerts or…nothing at all. Big “niksen” lover too.
→ I am secretly also a pretty good photographer.




I graduated in Humanity Studies from the University of Amsterdam (Drs.) and I have a master’s degree in Folk and Popular culture (MA).

I have worked as a Communication and PR advisor for the governmental organisations and NGO’s for more than 10 years.

I obtained my certificate for Person-centered Coaching and Counseling at the Academy for Coaching and Counseling, with a specialization in Multicultural Coaching.

I have, among other things. certifications in Transactional analysis, Narrative coaching, Intercultural communication, System therapy, ACT and DISC.

I completed training as a professional storyteller at the Mezrab Storytelling School in Amsterdam.

In 2015 I founded my own coaching and training practice.

Starting 2015 till 2018 I have been a co-trainer for the Academie voor Coaching en Counselling.

Between 2018 and 2022 I was a trainer at The International Coaching and Counseling Institute in The Hague.

I have been a teacher and coach of Professional Development at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since 2022.

Member of Nobco/EMCC since 2021.


Let’s meet

Now that you’ve learned a bit about me, I’m equally interested in getting to know you—your experiences and your aspirations. I’d be happy to connect with you through a phone call or online conversation, with absolutely no obligations. I’m also here to address any questions you may have about my approach and services.

You’re welcome to schedule a free discovery call, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!