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Improve communication and connection in the workplace

Is your organisation currently confronted with substantial challanges?

These challenges might revolve around change processes, innovation, employee retention, or the transition to hybrid work models. The key often resides in achieving a better mutual understanding and having the courage to explore new directions.

This is precisely where I come into play, helping companies and organizations in improving their communication, forging stronger connections, and driving innovation.


“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

– A. Maslov

My four distinct approaches



As a skilled trainer, I use my skills for impactful communication, authentic leadership and team connection. I am sensitive to personal and group dynamic processes. 





In my capacity as a certified coach, I offer personalized development programs and leadership trainings tailored to individual or team needs.



​An enthusiastic moderator or presentor, I guarantee a sense of connection and depth in meetings or events.



In my role as an intervisor, I facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge within a secure and supportive environment. Beyond conventional intervision methods, I also employ a “thematic” approach that I have personally developed and effectively implemented.

My approach

My approach in the workplace is interactive, characterized by warmth and a strong focus on the needs of individuals. I establish the necessary structures and provide a safe space while ensuring that each participant is acknowledged.

Clients often depict me as a creative, enthusiastic, and empathetic professional. By pursuing my own authentic interests, I ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in others, inspiring them to follow suit.


Curious to learn more about how I can be of help ?

I’d be delighted to engage in a phone or online discussion, where I can gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s challenges, desires, and requirements. I’m here to provide you with insights into my approach and services, and to address any inquiries you may have.

Please send me an e-mail to info @ and we’ll be in touch soon!