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Oriana is a good listener; she has a calming effect through her confidence and thoughtfulness as a coach. She is trustworthy, knows how to create a safe environment for sensitive issues and has high standards of confidentiality. She is strong at researching her audience’s learning goals, presenting information in a clear fashion, and engaging people in the room whether they are adults or teenagers.

Lucie Cunningham

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Yinske Silva - Impact Presentatietrainingen

Oriana heeft het vermogen om aan te voelen waar je blokkeert en waar je pijn zit. Door de juiste vragen te stellen legt ze de vinger op de zere plek. Met veel empathie begeleid ze je verder. 

Julia N. 38 j

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Oraib B. 40 j.

Oriana was my first choice when I was looking for someone to lead the International Coaching and Counselling Institute courses, and I’m so glad I’ve made this choice.

It is not only that Oriana is an interesting, knowledgeable and motivating trainer to our students, she’s also innovative, and eager to always look for the right materials to use with the right students and is being very flexible and always has that something new to add to every training which we give.

She’s extremely sensible to the needs of students, and is willing to take the extra mile in order to help them achieve success.

Oriana is very dedicated to her students and job, she creates a positive atmosphere near her, is easy to work with, and we’re having fun and enjoying the work together.
Our students often comment on her calm and down to earth approach, which gives them a lot of stability and focus. A great thing to have in a trainer.

Thank you Oriana, you’re one of a kind.

Noa Brume - The International Coaching and Counselling Institute