Moving with the seasons: Spring workshop


It’s time to spring into personal growth. This workshop is about helping your dreams and intentions grow and blossom harder, by nourishing your body, mind and soul.

24 March 2024
location: tbd

12 op voorraad

Spring is a time for renewal and reawakening. It’s the time of the year when you can’t wait to go outside and embrace the world again. You open your windows to let fresh air in, and with that, new energy. You get a boost forward and you yearn to grow.

Growth is a sign of life! And springtime is the perfect time for (personal) growth. It is the best moment to begin to manifest your intentions and create your best and most fulfilled life now.

Are you ready to lay a solid foundation and manifest what you want to grow into?

Then you are ready to:

* discover how to use the energy of the season to get into flow
* connect with your body through movement
* listen to what your mind and soul need to blossom
* work on developing your intentions and turning them into actions
* grow and develop intentionally
* create your best life.

This Springtime workshop is here to help you make choices in alignment with your heart towards your individual journey into self-development, awareness and flow.