My transformation journey

part 2/4

As I was saying I my previous transformation post, recent research show that what you set in motion about two to 2,5 years ago determines where you are now.

About two and a half years ago I decided to take the leap and engage in an intensive professional storytelling course. When I say intensive, it was: 3 days a week, 5 months long. I commuted 3 hours a day back and forth to Amsterdam and entered into this mysterious world of storytelling magic.
We humans tell stories to each other all the time. But learning how to capture, construct, deconstruct and rebuild an adventure, a memory, a gesture, an emotion… that is something totally different. There were a lot of practical techniques to learn and there probably were even more personal, internal shifts that happened in those intense and exciting months of study.
The thing is, before I started to work privately as a coach and trainer, I worked as a communication officer. Writing articles and stories was part of the job. But these texts were about the companies I worked for, about services or events. Now the stories I was learning to create were mine. Even if they were folktales or myths, I wasn’t just writing them, I was performing them on stage for an audience. My voice, body and entire presence were a part of it all.
This ‘holistic’ experience was new to me. I had no dramatic theatre background whatsotever and I had never realized how many emotions I embodied and how much that influenced my everyday life, until I had to take to the stage. Theoretically yes, I knew it, I have read about it; but personally experiencing it? I was so aware of my surroundings, all those eyes on me and all that fear of judgement. There were so many convictions, beliefs and programming in me. It was tough, but a revelation too. With my student peers we talked many times after class how these experiences were affecting us.
All this made me think about my work as a coach and the challenges that my clients faced. How many times they were stuck in life and didn’t know what do to? Or feeling lost, not really heard, nor seen? They were sometimes not fully aware of their subconscious convictions and self-limiting beliefs. As a coach I was working with them, helping them to find solutions for themselves. And many times, it worked. But now I could really see I had missed something important. In coaching you share, feel, choose and talk about what you will do next. One on one. In a safe environment. But when you just talk, you are still very much in your head. Getting out there, on the stage of life, where you have to act and live with your brave new choices and dreams … that is something totally different!
I wanted to do something about that. I wanted to help my clients embrace that change, move gracefully through this phase in their life, take control and face their fears.
The seed was planted in my head, I just needed to let it grow and nourish it. After the course I wrote my own show. I organised storytelling events, wrote new stories, performed a lot. I challenged myself to gain as much experience as possible and learn from it. I was coaching, giving trainings, doing projects, using storytelling in all of that. I was on a roll! But then Covid 19 happened and the lock down started.