My transformation journey

part 1/4

Me, sitting on a bench a few month ago, not far from the crystalline sound of clear water streaming freely over the rocks. When this picture was taken I felt a funny combination of joy, excitement and strangely enough, calm. I sent a few pictures to my coach Janita with whom I was reaching the end of my business development program and texted, “I am absolutely feeling it!” All the pieces of the puzzle fit finally together.
About two years ago I started dreaming of organising retreats. I had just finished an intensive storytelling course and was amazed by the healing power of creating and sharing stories together. I was beaming with inspiration and ideas but at the same time overwhelmed with creativity. I wanted to combine my coaching skills, mental health knowledge and my love for people and connection with the magic of storytelling. I also wanted to preferably turn all that into fantastic services and programs! I started dreaming of retreats and personal growth programs. Then covid happened, and my dream of connection grew even bigger. But where to start?!
Recent research shows that what you set in motion about two to two and a half years ago determines where you are now. For me, the transformation started with the storytelling course that set me in motion and got me where I am now.
Since then I have stumbled and fall and had quite a few lessons and epiphanies. Stories that I am sharing with you now. This is part one of my transformation journey. Four more stories coming up in the next weeks, so keep en eye on my account.
P.S. As for the retreat. I was planning my first try-out retreat in a beautiful location in Romania end of this October. Unfortunately, for reasons that have to do with the covid situation, I am postponing it. I am very happy for the support of those who encouraged me and who also said that they would join in. Next spring for sure!