The Year Journey

Personal coaching program

A 12 month transformation journey, a year to explore, take action and create.

Is this familiar to you ?

→ You often feel trapped, like going nowhere.
→ Your decisions are mostly made from a rational standpoint, ignoring your intuition.
→ You yearn to belong and long for a life full of vitality and natural flow.
→ You often do not recognise yourself and miss the vibrant, relaxed, and creative version of yourself.
→ You experience a lack of self-connection and fulfillment.
→ You consistently prioritise others over yourself.

If these resonate with you, then the “The Year Journey” personal coaching program is tailored to your needs!

Grant yourself the gift of self-discovery, uncovering new aspects of yourself, (re)discovering your talents, and fostering a conscious and meaningful connection with your inner self.

“The most adventurous journey to embark on is the journey to yourself; the most exciting thing to discover is who you really are.”

– C. Joybell

Your inner transformation journey 

“The Year Journey'” is a unique and individual coaching program. It’s a year for cultivating self-awareness, consciously meeting yourself and deepening your self-knowledge. A year of unconditional self-acceptance, action and transformation.

You grant yourself 12 months of dedicated time and space. A year to explore yourself in all your facets, to let go of your limiting beliefs and to create the life you want to live.

You hold the key to all your answers; deep down, you hold the wisdom of what’s best for you. “The Year Journey” is helping you get connection, clarity and courage.  It is time to master your life with greater confidence!



What do you receive?



One ceremonial commencement event lasting half a day (4 hours) held at a beautiful and inspirational location. This includes a nourishing lunch or evening snack.



Nine individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions, each lasting 2 hours, live and/or online.



Personal check-ins between sessions and via WhatsApp and/or email. and inspiring assignments to do at home.



We close your “The Year Journey”  transformation during a ceremony lasting half a day (4 hours), This event takes place an inspiring location, featuring a wholesome lunch or evening snack.

After the ceremonial commencement event, your intentions and desires will become clear, and I will have a better understanding of you and your specific needs and aspirations.

During the subsequent 1-on-1 coaching sessions, I make use of a range of tools and coaching models that are chosen based on your preferences and requirements. Each process is uniquely tailored to your individual journey. Among the tools and models available to me are:

→ Comprehensive analysis of your spiritual blueprint using Human Design, Gene Keys of astrologie reading
DISC en Motivators analysis to delve into your (group) behaviour and underlying motivations 
Saboteurs and Strenghts assesments to identify your innate talents and ares where you may undermine yourself 
→ Research on your Communication en Connection style to understand how you engage with others
Creative and artistic therapy techniques to stimulate different ways of thinking
Family Constellations en Systemic Work to explore your role, significance ans relationships within your family of origin
Body-oriented therapy en Somatic work: shift the focus from the mind to the body
Story of your life: unraveling your life story, uncovering pivotal moments and identifying common threads.



The outcome

→ You (re)discover your talents and the inner driving forces that move you.
→ You decide the path you wish to follow and embark on a journey rooted in authenticity.
→ You feel more confident and self-assured.
→ You achieve a harmonious balance between your mind, heart, and intuition.
→ You let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts.

→ You live (and work) with a sense of ease, trust, and flow.
→ You are familiar with your pitfalls and strengths.
→ You treat yourself with gentleness and abundant self-compassion during difficult days or setbacks.
→ You get clarity on what you want and courage to take action to achieve your dreams.
→ You radiate energy, happiness, and vitality!

In short: You consciously take charge of your personal development. You allow time for your discoveries to settle in. You wholeheartedly embrace your discovery journey and seize control of your destiny. You undergo a profound transformation, leading a life rooted in a loving connection with yourself and and a clear path for the future.

My coaching approach


Each process is entirely tailor-made, always centered around your specific needs and the elements from which you derive the greatest benefit. While my program follows a clear structure and purpose, I adapt it to suit you personally. It is entirely individualized, guided by your unique story and personality. My experience with a variety of techniques and tools allows me to make real-time decisions on what will be most effective for you. I operate intuitively, drawing from a solid foundation of knowledge to provide the best possible support.



Why is a discovery call essential?

I believe it’s important for us to establish a strong rapport. It’s essential for both parties to carefully explore whether this year-long process is the right fit for you and whether I am the ideal guide.  Since we both commit to a one-year partnership, it’s important that every aspect feels right and aligned.


Who is the annual program designed for?

The “Back to Me” year-long program is designed for both men and women who are ready to dedicate time and effort to their self-growth and personal development. I offer personal and supportive guidance tailored to your unique journey. My coaching approach is characterized by empathy, warmth, and occasionally a touch of provocation to encourage you to view yourself from a fresh perspective.

Is an annual program not quite lengthy?

Opting for a year-long journey is a deliberate choice for profound connection and transformation. The monthly session intervals allow enough time and space for your inner processes to unfold and develop. “Back to Me” is not a rapid solution; it’s a year-long program you intentionally commit to your own personal growth and transformation.

Is a shorter, six-month program also optional?

Certainly, a shorter, more compact six-month program is possible, and we can explore this option further during the discovery call.

I lead a busy life; will this process demand a lot of my time?

It’s common for participants to have busy lives. The program is designed to ensure that the discoveries and insights gained during the monthly sessions continue to develop at a subconscious level. Each session provides an energy boost, and as you make choices aligned with your inner connection, you often find that you create more space and time for yourself.

Let’s get started together

The “Back to Me” personal annual journey is valued at over €4,100 but is currently offered at an introductory price of €2,900 (including VAT).

You can initiate this program at your convenience. Feel free to schedule a discovery call to assess our compatibility, and I will provide information and feedback on whether this program aligns with your needs.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!