Deep Dive Program

Growth program

Return to your inner source and uncover your most profound aspirations!

Are you looking for…

→ A deeper connection with your genuine self?
→ Insights from the lessons and messages life has already given you?
→ Ways to align with your inner wisdom in your daily (work)life?
→ Identifying hidden patterns or beliefs that hinder your progress?
→ Reconnection with your inner child and understanding your desires at their core?
→ A greater sense of meaning and purpose in your pursuits?

If so, the Deep Dive Growth Program is tailored to meet your needs!

This program takes you on a journey back to your source helping you discern your desired destination.

“There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings

– J.W. von Goethe

A deep dive into your inner source 

The Deep Dive Growth Program offers a profound connection to your roots and life narrative. It blends self-exploration with expert guidance to help embrace your unique leadership potential.

Throughout this growth program, you gain more awareness of your origin and the stories that have molded you. If you find yourself repeatedly stuck in the same narratives, you might be living on autopilot and survival tactics.

This program helps you break free from unproductive patterns and barriers, uncovering the strength in your roots and life story to rediscover your deepest personal aspirations and dreams.

During the Deep Dive Program, you will discover how to lead and live from the heart.


What will you receive?


A deep dive into your inner self, facilitated by a powerful blend of self-examination and expert guidance.


Four online modules, each dedicated to addressing distinct themes: connection & clarity, desires, past pain & acceptance and self-expression.


Video content, assignments and sources of inspiration, along with easily understandable guides for each task.


Two inspiring group sessions to share and connect and one individual coaching session (both online), personalised for your needs.


Workbooks to complete digitally and/or analogue.


Upon completing the growth program, a personalised surprise aligned with your specific theme.



The outcome

After completing the growth program, you will have a clear understanding of your life’s driving forces. You will have cultivated the clarity needed to make informed decisions. You will have reconnected with your authentic self, gaining a clear sense of direction. You’ll be able to articulate your desires and dreams confidently, unafraid to express them both to yourself and the world around you.

My coaching approach


I facilitate the process of delving deeper into the insights you’ve acquired through the modules, supporting you in their practical application in your daily life. I guide you in reflecting on your discoveries, and growing your self-awareness. Together, we uncover your blind spots and consider alternative perspectives and narratives.

My coaching sessions are designed to help you establish a stronger connection with yourself and transform your desires into tangible actions.

A powerful combination


The “Deep Dive” Growth Program combines individual and group sessions with selfpaced modules, and this mix offers numerous advantages.

With the modules, you control the pace of your progress, while individual sessions are personalized to your unique needs.

In group sessions, diverse perspectives bring unique insights that complement your  one-on-one sessions. And also, the experience of peer sharing and social support can be profoundly inspiring and motivating.

In short, this powerful combination of elements synergizes to maximize your experience.


roots & wings


How do I get started?

To begin, you purchase the program, and then we start with first the scheduled group coaching session. Following this first coaching session, where we outline your program objectives, you can commence with the modules.

Can I begin with the online modules right away?

No, you can start the online modules only after our initial group session. This first group session aims to establish clarity and define your objectives for the growth program. I believe that beginning with the program in the most suitable manner is crucial for achieving optimal results.

Who is the target audience for this growth program?

The Deep Dive Growth Program is intended for individuals seeking reconnection with themselves and a sense of belonging. It offers a powerful combination of self-initiated exploration and expert coaching. This program encourages you to revisit your origins and life narrative, embarking on a transformative journey toward personal leadership.

How long will I have access to the modules??

You will have access to the online modules for one year after you purchased the program.

Let’s get started together

You can start your Deep Dive Growth Program in:


January 21st, 2024

Closing Session:
February 18th, 2024


March 10th, 2024

Closing Session:
April 14th, 2024



Closing Session:

Besides the two live online sessions (kick-off and closing), you get one personal online coaching session. I will reach out to you to schedule it soon after you’ve purchased the program. All sessions are via zoom.

Your investment in the Deep Dive Growth Program is €595 (incl. VAT). Discover how to lead and live from the heart. Your transformation starts here!


Do you have any uncertainties or inquiries? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation call to assess our compatibility. During this session, I will provide transparent feedback on whether this program aligns with your needs and goals. Talk to you soon?